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Paris Attacks and West Papua, Garry Juffa Responds

Governor (PNG) Gary Juffa, is critical of the extreme media attention that is given to the recent attacks in Paris, compared with support for the plight of West Papua. He adds that after the recent attacks in Paris, consideration should be given that racism is still very active in the world and that we no longer can pretend that oppression in West Papua does not exist.

Garry Juffa, Governor of the Oro Province in Papua New Guinea wrote the following statement:

I hear the silence for West Papua profoundly louder then the uproar for Paris…every human life is equal and valuable regardless of colour, religion, economic status…but incidents like the recent attack in Paris remind all of us that many subscribe to the view that while all of us are equal, some are more equal then others…and again it highlights the exceptional culture of racism that is very much alive and well in our world today….here now we see the real terrorists: RACISM DOUBLE STANDARDS DUALISM ELITISM…many of us unwittingly subscribe to this…
Yes, all of us were born equal..and die equal…with nothing…but our inequality in our lifetime is defined by perceptions created by a minority ruling elite…


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