PNG government to review West Papuans’ refugee claims

The Papua New Guinea government is currently reviewing asylum claims by over 1,000 West Papuans and beginning a registration of all West Papuans living in PNG, many of whom have been there for decades without full refugee status or citizenship.

There are over 10,000 West Papuan refugees currently living in Papua New Guinea who throughout history have been mainly forgotten by the outside world.

Watch national EMTV News’ report on the granting of PNG citizenship for West Papuan refugees here

Radio New Zealand also reported on the news that West Papuan refugees were due to be granted PNG citizenship. Free West Papua Campaign PNG Coordinator, Mr Fred Mambrasar was interviewed by Radio New Zealand and urged the PNG government to help give him and other West Papuan refugees living in limbo some certainty on refugee status. Speaking to Radio New Zealand, Fred Mambrasar said “Sometime the government tok yes we grantem citizenship but only for some people. but like me and other West Papua, not yet.”

The thousands of West Papuan refugees living in PNG are in need of full PNG citizenship and political support as they continue tell our Melanesian brothers and sisters about the ongoing genocide and illegal occupation of West Papua where over 500,000 Melanesians have been killed.

The struggle for self-determination and Independence continues. One day West Papua will be free!

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