West Papuan youth tortured by the Indonesian police in Nabire

We have just received urgent news from occupied West Papua that another West Papuan youth has been reportedly arrested, beaten and tortured by the Indonesian police. According to the report, West Ppauan student Eli Anouw was arrested without clear reason in the Nabire regency and was then beaten and tortured by the Indonesian police. He […]

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Free West Papua Campaign PNG Coordinator interviewed by Radio Australia

Following the actions of Free West Papua Campaign – PNG on International Human Rights Day, FWPC PNG coordinator, Fred Mambrasar was interviewed by Caroline Tiriman on Radio Australia’s Tok Pisin service on the importance of the PNG government giving citizenship to all West Papuan refugees as they said they would. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE He […]

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Reported massacre in Yapen – “Indonesia is committing a secret genocide in West Papua”

West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda has written this statement on International Human Rights Day about the deaths of up to 4 West Papuan villagers in Yapen who were shot by the Indonesian military and police for raising the West Papuan flag on 1st December 2015. Benny Wenda is available for media inquiries: Email, Telephone +44 7411 053 953 […]

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